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Natural Climate Solutions for the United States

This report takes a deeper dive into natural climate solutions- the carbon storage and reduction potential of conservation, restoration and improved land management practices- in the United States. Results suggest that reforestation has the single largest maximum mitigation potential, followed by natural forest management of privately held forests such as extended harvest cycles or reduced harvests, reduced impact logging, and fire management in some forest systems.

Nature-based Solutions to Address Global Societal Challenges

This groundbreaking in-depth international report describes the development of the concept of “Nature Based Solutions” and details applications to global resource management challenges including water scarcity, human health, and climate change. Part B provides a host of case study examples including efforts to reduce flood risk and provide storm protection in coastal systems in the United States.

Soil Carbon

Opportunities exist to improve soil management in order to increase carbon sinking or sequestration in agricultural and grassland systems.

The Impact of Climate Change on America’s Forests

The Forest Service conducts periodic assessments of the condition of forest and rangeland resources. This 2000 report assesses impacts of climate change to U.S. forests to support resource management planning objectives.

UN News: Nature-based solutions are essential to climate action

Nature-based solutions are actions that protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural or modified ecosystems, that also address societal challenges, thereby simultaneously providing human well-being and biodiversity benefits. So, whether its food security, climate change, water security, human health, disaster risk or economic development, nature can help us find a way.

US Forest Carbon and Climate Change: Controversies and Win-Win Policy Approaches

The Wilderness Society’s report, U.S. Forest Carbon and Climate Change, examines policy options to promote the role of forests in carbon sequestration.