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Community-based Restoration Program Funding

Community-based Restoration Program Funding provides grants and technical expertise to support high-priority habitat restoration projects that instill strong conservation values and engage citizens in hands-on activities.

Conservation Finance Network

Conservation Finance Network (CFN) is a resource for practitioners, investors, conservationists, students, and others interested in using innovative finance to further environmental conservation. This website provides news, training opportunities, and offers connections to a professional community for conservation finance.

Funding Conservation with Carbon Sequestration – Downeast Lakes Land Trust

Downeast Lakes Land Trust’s carbon project covers more than 19,000 acres of the trust’s 33,700 Farm Cove Community Forest in eastern Maine, and registered nearly 200,000 offsets; each offset is equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide.

Other Federal Programs

Other Federal Programs and funding opportunities that may be of interest to the conservation community.

The Climate Trust

The Climate Trust is a mission-driven nonprofit that specializes in mobilizing conservation finance; they buy, sell, and invest in carbon credits to support climate change mitigation projects.