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A Colorado summer: Drought, wildfires and smoke in 2020

Recent research suggests fire frequency could increase 25% and large fires could triple in frequency specifically across the Southwest in the years ahead. Even though wildfires are a natural part of the many ecosystems, climate change has driven and likely will continue to drive a wildfire increase. This increase not only can negatively impact human infrastructure but can also damage animal habitat and spread invasive plant species. Wildfires in Colorado are teaching management lessons for conservation in a changing climate.

From Space and in the Air, NASA Tracks California’s Wildfires

As California experiences one of the worst wildfire seasons on record, NASA is leveraging its resources to help.

Through Smoke and Fire, NASA Searches for Answers

In addition to monitoring active fires, NASA is working to improve fire activity tracking and forecasting and well as quantify impacts of smoke and cloud interactions on weather and climate models.