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Case Study Highlights: Ecosystem Services

Case Study Highlights: Ecosystem Services

Coastal County Snapshots

Coastal County Snapshots turn complex data into accessible stories, complete with charts and graphs, to support climate change communication and planning.

Ecosystem Services

The conservation community is incorporating the protection and enhancement of ecosystem services into their stewardship missions and projects to meet multiple beneficial management objectives.

Manage Rivers, Lakes, and Other Freshwater Ecosystems for Climate Change

Due to climate change rising air temperatures are already warming freshwater habitats. Some lakes and streams have already experienced water loss due to summer droughts. These, and other changes, are likely to continue and accelerate in the coming decades, and impact water quality and quantity, with negative implications for freshwater ecosystems and the species that rely on these vulnerable habitats. Despite these challenges, land trusts are well positioned to manage rivers, lakes and other freshwater habitats for the multiple benefits – both ecological and economic – they provide.

What is Resilience?

Ecological resilience often describes the capacity of an ecosystem to respond to a disturbance by resisting damage and recovering quickly without shifting to an alternative state or losing function or services. Building resilience can reduce risks and vulnerabilities of ecosystems – and the communities that depend on them – to climate change impacts.