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Building Clean Energy in the Hudson Valley – Communications Product Analysis

Scenic Hudson’s “Building Clean Energy” website highlights some best practices in climate communications.

Climate Change Communications for Land Trusts Final Report

With this project, the Land Trust Alliance and the Open Space Institute engaged Water Words That Work, LLC to seek answers on how land trusts can best integrate climate
change into their outreach.

Climate Communications Report

This report from the Land Trust Alliance and the Open Space Institute aims to provide helpful guidance on how to connect about this issue, and information to help land trusts respond to the greatest challenge of our time.

Climate Week – Celebrating Journalism

In preparation for Climate Week, taking place this year from September 23 to 29, 2019, Climate Central has compiled tools, tips, and resources for reporting local climate stories and featuring the work of partners who communicate the science and effects of climate change.

Collaboration: Land Trusts Working Together to Strengthen Coastal Resilience in Maine

By maintaining and sharing resources and continuing to convene and build this network of practitioners, MCHT aims to continue to support ongoing state-wide and region-specific conservation action planning dialogs.


Targeted communication can help effectively deliver messages and promote positive resource management outcomes.

Communications Best Practices

How you frame the climate conversation is important. “Brief, mechanistic explanations” can help neutralize ideologies when discussing climate change.

December 2021 U.S. Climate Outlook: A La Niña-like pattern with warmth over much of the U.S.

The December 2021 outlook from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center suggests much of the United States will observe a warmer-than-average month, except for the northern tier of the country. Meanwhile, a drier-than-average end to the year is favored across the Southeast, with wetter-than-normal conditions across the Great Lakes and Pacific Northwest.

Developing a Communications Product

Key steps to developing an effective communications product are outlined here.

Direct Observations Confirm That Humans Are Throwing Earth’s Energy Budget off Balance

A NASA study has confirmed with direct evidence that human activities are changing Earth’s energy budget, trapping much more energy from the Sun than is escaping back into space.