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New NASA Research Projects Probe COVID-19 Impacts

NASA’s Earth Science Division recently selected three new projects that aim to answer pandemic-related questions for Rapid Response and Novel Research (RRNES) awards. RRNES is funding quick-turnaround projects that make innovative use of the agency’s resources and data to better understand regional-to-global environmental, economic, and societal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Presentation: Our Changing Climate

Climate Central presents a new outreach and education resource for meteorologists, journalists, and others—a climate change presentation, Our Changing Climate.

Planting Zones Moving North

A warming climate is affecting the natural ranges of plants around the country.

Report: Ocean Solutions to Address Climate Change

Frontiers Report: Global Change and the Future Ocean publishes research on global pressures on the ocean in the past, present and future and their consequences on ecosystem functioning and structure, as well as on the benefits to society received from a healthy ocean in the future.

Rising Sea Levels

Already the average global sea level has risen by 8 inches in the past century. By the end of this century, average global sea level could rise an additional three feet or more. The ecological consequences of these changes include worsening coastal erosion, habitat destruction, and saltwater encroachment into freshwater environments.

Shifting Seasons

Shifting seasons mean spring arrives earlier, winters are shorter, and the number of freezing days is declining. These changes impact species and habitat.

Strengthening Storms

Hurricane strength is influenced by sea surface temperature. As sea surface temperatures rise the number of intense hurricanes is also expected to increase.

Summer Temperature Trends in the Contiguous U.S.

Increased temperatures are evident with warming summers that are endangering health, stressing agriculture, and raising energy costs.

Trending: CBS Climate Reckoning Documentary

A new CBS News documentary “A Climate Reckoning in the Heartland” looks at how the devastating floods that ravaged the Midwest this spring are forcing farmers to reckon with a “new reality” with climate change.

U.S. Geological Survey Climate Projection Portal

The U.S. Geological Survey Climate Project Portal is an interactive viewer that shows maps based on future projections of temperature and precipitation from a group of “statistically downscaled” global climate models.