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A Landowner’s Guide to Carbon Sequestration Credits

This guide offers information to help landowners understand and make the decision whether or not to enroll their land in carbon sequestration programs.

Building Carbon in America’s Farms, Forests, and Grasslands: Foundations for a Policy Roadmap

“Building Carbon in America’s Farms, Forests, and Grasslands: Foundations for a Policy Roadmap” offers new analysis to support long-term planning to enhance U.S. land management of carbon sinks to ensure healthy and productive landscapes contribute to greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Carbon Offsets – A Viable Opportunity for Forest Landowners?

The Annual Journal of Consulting Forestry’s 2018 edition features discussion of the regulatory framework, challenges, and opportunities for carbon offsets in the United States.

Carbon Sequestration

“Carbon sequestration” describes the process of capture and long-term storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) in a stable state. Direct carbon sequestration occurs in plants as they photosynthesize atmospheric CO2 into biomass, which means it is stored in “sinks” instead of being released into Earth’s atmosphere

Carbon Sequestration

“Carbon sequestration” describes the process of capture and long-term storage of  atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) in a stable state. “Carbon finance” describes financial tools that aim to monetize avoided emissions to create markets, […] more »

Chicago Climate Exchange Offset Project Protocol – Agricultural Best Management Practices

The Chicago Climate Exchange’s Agricultural Offset Project Protocol details how continuous conservation tillage and conservation to grasslands can yield soil carbon sequestration benefits that can pay off for farmers and the environment.

Coastal Blue Carbon

This IUCN report addresses financing opportunities for coastal ecosystems which are often referred to as “Blue Carbon”.


COMET-Farm is a conservation planning tool used to assess a farm’s greenhouse gas balance. This tool enables users to generate a report to compare alternative management strategies and to what extent alternate scenarios would provide carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Ecosystem Services

The conservation community is incorporating the protection and enhancement of ecosystem services into their stewardship missions and projects to meet multiple beneficial management objectives.

Forest offsets and the California compliance market: Bringing an abstract ecosystem good to market

Improved Forest Management (IFM) projects under the California cap-and-trade market allow production of new, non-traditional commodities: forest carbon offsets. With data drawn from California IFM project design documents and in-depth interviews with carbon project developers, this study traces the development, sale, and maintenance of forest offsets, in order to map access to benefits along the commodity chain.