Land Trust Alliance – Standards and Practices Curriculum

The 17 courses that make up the Standards and Practices Curriculum are written by top conservation experts. In addition, each course goes through a rigorous review and pilot process to ensure land trusts have an authoritative resource on private land conservation.

All Standards and Practices Curriculum materials are accessible and easy-to-use. They contain practical tips and step-by-step plans for implementing the training in your land trust so you can hit the ground running. They also provide a thorough and handy reference for when your notes from last month’s or last year’s trainings have become a mystery you can’t unlock.

Let us help you train new board members, volunteers and staff!
Start them off on the right foot by showing them the best practices in private land conservation. Our authoritative, current and easy-to-use materials will save you time and money. Your current board, volunteers and staff will spend their time more efficiently if newcomers have a solid foundation of knowledge on which to build. Make excellence a permanent condition of your land trust.

There are 3 ways to access the curriculum:

  1. In print – Order hard copies from our publications catalog.
  2. Online – Member land trusts and partners at the $250 level and above can download free PDF copies or take self-guided online courses on The Learning Center, which also includes discussion groups moderated by subject matter experts and user group communities to share information.
  3. In person – Standards and Practices Curriculum workshops and seminars are available at all Alliance regional conferences, select state conferences, and at Rally.  Check for service providers in your area. Don’t have a service center in your region? Contact the Alliance at 202-638-4725 or visit to obtain instructor manuals to sponsor your own training.

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