Renewable Energy Case Studies

Building Clean Energy in the Hudson Valley – Communications Product Analysis

Scenic Hudson’s “Building Clean Energy” website highlights some best practices in climate communications.

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Otsego Land Trust’s Socially Responsible Investments Support Conservation Goals

Otsego Land Trust’s socially responsible investments support conservation goals and objectives, aligning the organization’s money with its mission.

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Tug Hill Tomorrow - Communication Product Analysis

Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust’s “What We Are Doing, What You Can Do” webpage highlights several best practices in climate communications.

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Nebraska Land Trust - Crafting Flexible Easements to Respond to Change

At Nebraska Land Trust flexible easements further long-term management objectives. As climate conditions present new management threats, it is important that conservation easements allow for the flexibility to mitigate and adapt to these impacts.

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Pacific Forest Trust: Carbon Projects to Mitigate Climate Change

The Pacific Forest Trust is a pioneer of approaches and standards used to create forest climate policies including carbon emissions reductions or offset projects which harness and protect the natural ability of forests to accumulate and hold carbon, acting as carbon “sinks” and providing essential climate benefits.

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