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Local Fall Temperature Trends

Summers are stretching further into the meteorological fall season—with the last characteristically hot day of summer occurring later in the year for many areas. As a result, energy demands for cooling (and the ensuing air conditioning costs) remain high, and warm-season woes such as allergies, mosquitoes and ticks linger longer. Additionally, important natural events such as bird migration, hibernation and fruit ripening are occurring ‘off schedule’, with the extent of these impacts on ecosystem health and biodiversity not yet fully understood.

Happy Birthday National Parks!

The National Park Service (NPS) turned 103 years old this week. Climate Central reports on how climate change is impacting some of the most iconic and prized features of our favorite parks.

For a Sustainable Climate and Food System, Regenerative Agriculture Is the Key

The recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shows that agriculture is responsible for 37% of greenhouse gas emissions. There’s hope—and a solution.

Warming Summer Nights

Summer nights are warming across the U.S., leading to increased energy demand and health risks.

Ocean at the Door: New Homes and the Rising Sea

Sea levels are rising. Recent housing growth rates are faster in ten-year flood-risk zones in a third of all coastal states. Climate Central and Zillow publish updated projections of possible impacts in coastal areas in this updated 2019 report.

Trending: CBS Climate Reckoning Documentary

A new CBS News documentary “A Climate Reckoning in the Heartland” looks at how the devastating floods that ravaged the Midwest this spring are forcing farmers to reckon with a “new reality” with climate change.

Protected: Practical Pointer: Siting Renewables on Conservation Easements

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Through Smoke and Fire, NASA Searches for Answers

In addition to monitoring active fires, NASA is working to improve fire activity tracking and forecasting and well as quantify impacts of smoke and cloud interactions on weather and climate models.

Tracking Change: CO2 in the Context of Human History

Climate Central’s Independence Day edition provides helpful template graphics to help visualize and communicate about climate change.

NASA: Interactive Report on Climate Concerns

Even seemingly small increases in global temperatures can have big impacts on our planet and its inhabitants, according to a major United Nations-sponsored climate change report. NASA takes a closer look at how and why limiting global warming matters in their interactive two-part series.