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NASA, NOAA Analyses Reveal 2019 Second Warmest Year on Record

NOAA and NASA’s global temperature data is in – 2019 was the 2nd hottest year on Earth since records began, making the 2010s the hottest decade on record.

A Climate-Smart Framework for Land Trusts

Point Blue’s new climate-smart publication, Integrating Climate Adaptation into Land Conservation – A Climate-Smart Framework for Land Trusts, aims to provide land trusts and other land conservation practitioners with a guide to integrating climate change projections and climate adaptation approaches into the process of private land conservation.

2020 Vision: Looking Back to Drive Forward

This blog provides an overview of cutting edge Earth science data that has developed over the last decade. NASA continues to develop tools to chart changes on Earth over time periods ranging from days to decades.

2019 a Year of Record Setting Rain

As we close out 2019, Climate Central takes a look at the year’s biggest story—record-setting rain. The result: severe costs in damages to property and losses to industry (e.g. agriculture). According to NOAA, the 18 billion-dollar flood events experienced by the U.S this decade have resulted in losses of at least $40 billion.

Decades of Warming

Though hindsight isn’t quite 2020 yet, climate change has left plenty to remember over the past 10 years. This release covers warming temperatures by the decade, with clear trends at the local, national, and global scales.

Winter is coming…but it will likely lose its chill

Climate Central reports that winters are not as cold as they used to be in most of the United States, causing impacts on winter tourism and farming.

Trending: NPR’s “After the Water” Visualizes Flood Risks

NPR’s recently published After the Water tells a compelling tale of how one community is working to cope with flash floods exacerbated by climate change.

The Power of Trees: Fighting Floodwaters

By absorbing rainwater, reducing erosion, and creating more permeable soils, trees save nearly 400 billion gallons of stormwater runoff in the continental U.S. each year. In this article, Climate Central explains how, why, and where trees are helping combat increasing floodss.

2019 Record Fall Heat

With the recent record-breaking heat, Climate Central takes a look at record high temperatures compared to record low temperatures across the United States.

2019 IPCC Special Report: Oceans and Cryosphere

On September 25, 2019, the IPCC released its Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate. Climate Central has complied resources and communications tools to cover this work of more than 100 scientists.

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