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Study: Reversing warming quickly could prevent worst climate change effects

A new study leverages models to demonstrate how “overshooting” climate mitigation goals may affect projected timescales and extents of key environmental tipping points. While researchers concluded that “we are quite likely to overshoot some tipping point thresholds temporarily,” these results show that “this is not a reason for despair, but instead a reason for stronger action to slow climate change.”

Earth Day Trends

Happy Earth Day! Since the first Earth Day celebration in 1970, yearly temperatures have warmed significantly across the U.S. Explore the fastest-warming cities in Climate Central’s handy Earth Day toolkit.

NASA-Built Instrument Will Help Spot Greenhouse Gas Super-Emitters

A new NASA-supported mapping tool will help people, including resource managers and other officials, address increasing concentrations of methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

April 2021 outlook: Warmth expected for much of the contiguous US…except you, Pacific Northwest

The April 2021 outlook from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center predicts a tilt in the odds towards warmer-than-average temperatures across much of the contiguous United States and drier-than-average conditions across the southern tier.

Rivers can be climate change solutions, too (commentary)

Rivers and their floodplains have the potential to act as shock absorbers to climate change. But maximizing their ability to do so requires strategic interventions that keep their natural features intact or incorporate green and grey infrastructure that allow natural processes to occur.

Direct Observations Confirm That Humans Are Throwing Earth’s Energy Budget off Balance

A NASA study has confirmed with direct evidence that human activities are changing Earth’s energy budget, trapping much more energy from the Sun than is escaping back into space.

Scaling up tree nurseries is key to unlocking U.S. reforestation potential: Study

A new study highlights how the US could plant forests to sequester the equivalent of about 5% of the greenhouse gases the country emitted in 2019, but to do so, investments are needed now.

NASA Data Power New USDA Soil Moisture Portal

New NASA tool provides information that will help people track droughts or floods, make plans for when to plant crops, and forecast agricultural yields.

Spring is Coming! Climate Central Shares Communications Tools

Climate Central’s Spring 2021 Communications Tools help us prepare for the coming meteorological spring.

UN climate report a “red alert” for the planet

UNFCCC’s Initial NDC Synthesis Report highlights the need for urgent climate action. If this task was urgent before, it’s crucial now – to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, we must cut global emission by 45 percent by 2030, from 2010 levels.

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