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New Resilience Guide Launched

Open Space Institute and its partners have published Conserving Nature in a Changing ClimateThis three part guide demonstrates how land protection can strategically increase the chances that natural systems will adapt to climate change by:

  • Identifying Hallmarks of a Resilient Network. Harnessing clear, practical instructions, the guide reveals the four key characteristics underlying climate resilience.
  • Providing a Step-by-Step Guide to Improve Mapping and Special Databases. Through screen shots and hands-on exercises, the guide walks users through the steps of assessing a property’s climate resilience in a regional context.
  • Offering a Useful Case Study. Using a real-world example, the guide demonstrates how land trusts have successfully applied these principles to protect acres that count.

The guide also provides additional resources for outreach and communication; conservation planning; web-based tools; sources of funding; and other information gleaned from organizations including the Open Space Institute, the Land Trust Alliance, and the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative. View a two page summary here or view the new Resilience Guide.