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This site aims to provide introductory tools about climate change to the conservation community and offer resources to support learning and planning needs. The “Get Started” section offers guidance sorted into four main categories: Learn, Plan, Adapt, and Inspire. You can also browse resources and guidance by Climate Impacts, Land Types, and Regions, read Case Studies to learn what other land trusts are doing, or search your terms or resource types of interest using the Search Page, or take a Self-Assessment to find resources to help get you started.


Despite uncertainties about pace and magnitude, climate change is real. Land trusts should understand and account for climate changes in their work.

Define Climate Change

Explore Climate Change Impacts and Predictions

How Does Climate Change Affect Land Trusts?

Land Trusts' Critical Role in Conserving Climate-Resilient Lands

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Climate change is already here and these changes will accelerate in the coming years and decades. We cannot stop climate change, so we must plan for it.

Why is it Important to Plan for Climate Change?

Prepare for Climate Change

Assess Vulnerability to Climate Change

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We cannot prevent climate change from impacting our protected lands. But, by adapting our management practices, land trusts can promote climate change resilience in priority species, habitats, and resources.

Manage Agricultural Lands for Climate Change

Manage Ecosystems for Climate Change Resilience

Manage Wildlife for Climate Change Resilience

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By planning for climate change, your land trust is already making a positive impact in your community. Extend that reach by raising awareness of climate change and inspiring individuals and groups to take action.

Raise Awareness of Climate Change in Your Community

Engage Your Community

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