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EESI Reports: 2018 was the Fourth-Hottest Year on Record

Since pre-industrial America, there has been a correlation between greenhouse gas emissions and rising global temperatures. NASA and the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) both concluded that 2018 was the world’s fourth-hottest year in nearly 140 years of records. While the two reports remain fairly consistent between temperatures and methodologies, they disagree about whether 2017 is the second or third hottest year. Despite the discrepancy, climate scientists agree that the warming is having catastrophic effects on weather and the intensity and frequency of disasters. 2017 was the most expensive year, in terms of disaster cost, but 2018 still had $91 billion in total disaster costs. For instance, Professor Nicholas Golledge of New Zealand’s Victoria University noted that the melting of glaciers could lead to warmer waters in the Gulf of Mexico and potentially more hurricanes. According to NOAA, 2018 marked the first time on record that the average cost of wildfires have exceeded the average cost of hurricane damages in the United States.

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Source: Environmental and Energy Study Institute