Forest and Rangeland Drought – Regional Two-Pagers

USDA Forest Service Research and Development’s Effects of Drought on Forests and Rangelands in the United States: A Comprehensive Science Synthesis was authored by 77 scientists from the Forest service, other federal agencies, research institutes, and universities. Key issues covered in the analysis were originally identified through a series of virtual workshops with scientists and stakeholders. These issues include:
  • Characterizing Drought for Forested Landscapes and Streams
  • Physiological Responses of Forests to Future Drought
  • Impacts of Drought on Forest Dynamics, Structure, Diversity, and Management
  • Forest Biogeochemistry in Response to Drought
  • Insects and Pathogen Responses to Drought
  • Fire and Drought
  • Rangeland Drought: Effects, Restoration, and Adaptation
  • Detecting and Monitoring Large-Scale Drought Effects on Forests: Toward an Integrated Approach
  • Ecohydrological Implications of Drought
  • Economics and Societal Considerations of Drought in Forests and Rangelands

The USDA’s Climate Hubs have synthesized the assessment for each of their region’s stakeholders. You can find out what this report means for you by clicking on the link for your region below.