Developing Skills of NGOS: Public Education to Raise Environmental Awareness

While this guide is targeted towards NGOs in general, efforts to raise environmental awareness can support stakeholder engagement and conservation strategies of the land trust community, making it highly relevant to efforts to further stewardship objectives in the context of changing climatic conditions. The purpose of this guide, published by the Regional Environmental Center, is to empower NGOs and help them realize their potential as effective activists for raising environmental awareness, as well as champions of knowledge, positive attitudes towards the environment and competency in citizen action skills. This guide aims to enable the user to:

  • understand the concept of “public awareness campaign”;
  • improve participants’ ability to plan, implement and evaluate public education campaigns;
  • offer a hands-on experience in developing strategy, selecting mechanisms and improving the skills required for effective public relations, working with the media and performing local public information activities;
  • provide the technical skills needed for writing, designing and producing publications, and understanding the four levels of poster design;
  • improve participants’ ability to organise public meetings and hearings and special environmental education events;
  • offer hands-on experience in environmental role-playing; and
  • transfer knowledge on how to make effective use of the Internet.