Climate Education Publications

Efforts to raise awareness about climate change are growing in the conservation community. Some land trusts have found early youth education to be a particularly effective way of sharing important ecological information with the stewards of tomorrow. While guides such as Scenic Hudson’s Climate Education Curriculum are regionally focused and geared towards a narrow age group, many of these education materials are scaleable and can be broadly applied. Educational resources for local governments and other nonprofits also offer important guidance that can inform outreach efforts, enhance engagement strategies, and help identify funding sources. Engaging youth in particular can help expand conservation dialogs and equip the conservationists of the future with tools they will need to build solutions to the management challenges we are already facing. If you are a member of the Land Trust Alliance you can also visit The Learning Center to get more support regarding communication or contact us to discuss your specific education needs or share your success story.

Resources from the Conservation Community

Connecting people with the natural environment fosters a stewardship ethic that sustains healthy, vibrant communities. Land trusts are increasingly incorporating environmental education into their existing outreach and recreation programs to create opportunities for all people. Introducing outdoor recreation and education early in life can have especially lasting impacts. Incorporating facts about climate change into these efforts can help bring the conservationists of tomorrow up to speed about the challenges we are facing today so they too can be part of working towards a solution. Read more about case studies in youth education from the land trust community:

Applicable Resources to Support Youth Education 

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Other national programs and initiatives are detailed by The White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy.