Changing Temperatures

Temperatures are rising. Extreme temperature changes have been observed in both air temperatures and water temperatures. Global temperature increases have already been observed.

Global temperature increases have already been observed. 

These changes have already caused observable shifts in seasons — spring comes earlier and fall frosts arrive later. These changes reflect a “new normal” that compels some species to migrate farther north or to higher elevations, and can negatively impact species and ecosystems that are less able to adapt to rapid change.

Continued increases in global temperatures are expected, depending on climate scenarios which are influenced by the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.

EPA - Projected Global Temp Change, Scenarios B1, A1, and A2

We know change is happening and is likely to continue, but our actions today can affect to what degree. Changes in behavior can make a big difference – learn more about what you can do to inspire action to reduce the negative impacts of climate change.