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Scenic Hudson’s Focus on Youth Education

Scenic Hudson offers an array of activity guides to connect young people with the natural world around them. From historic primers surrounding local parks and conservation champions to an introduction on climate change, these teaching tools offer fun, environmentally-themed learning opportunities for youth, parents, and teachers in the community. The climate change activity guide for 6th – 8th graders is also available en EspañolLearn more.

Additionally, this land trust offers self-guided or interactive learning experiences at numerous parks and preserves throughout the Hudson River Valley. All of Scenic Hudson’s Parks & Preserves provide ideal “outdoor classrooms” for families, school and community groups to learn about the valley’s natural resources, how they’ve shaped the region’s culture and the importance of protecting them. By exploring waterfronts, wetlands, vernal pools and other features, students of all ages gain greater knowledge of and appreciation for these irreplaceable treasures and the vital roles they play in sustaining the lives of humans and wildlife. Learn more.