Assessing the U.S. Climate in July 2020

NOAA’s monthly climate summaries aim to support informed decision-making. The July 2020 assessment shows warming trends continue across the United States.

Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, and the Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is a natural process where atmospheric gases trap heat – a phenomena that allows the Earth to retain enough solar heat to be livable.

Climate Change Facts, Data, and Examples

Climate Change Facts and Data are highlighted here – for example, did you know current atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations are above 400 ppm? This impacts global temperatures and these changes affect regional and local climate trends and resources.

Coastal Areas Impacts and Climate Change Adaptation Website

The Coastal Areas Impacts and Climate Change Adaptation Website offers assessments of climate change impacts and adaptation efforts by region or by sector. It also provides additional resources, including an adaptation overview, which highlights examples of adaptation and ongoing adaptation efforts.

Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper

The Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper supports users undertaking a community-based approach to assessing coastal hazard risks and vulnerabilities by providing maps that show people, places, and natural resources exposed to coastal flooding. This spatial visualization tool shows maps of people, places, and natural resources exposed to coastal flood hazards including FEMA flood zones, shallow coastal flooding, sea level rise, storm surge.

Coastal Inundation Mapping Primer

NOAA’s Coastal Inundation Mapping Primer offers a four-step process for inundation mapping that includes: obtaining and preparing elevation data, preparing water level information, mapping inundation, and visualizing inundation.

Conservation Finance Network

Conservation Finance Network (CFN) is a resource for practitioners, investors, conservationists, students, and others interested in using innovative finance to further environmental conservation. This website provides news, training opportunities, and offers connections to a professional community for conservation finance.

Define Climate Change

Defined simply, climate change is the process of altering our planet’s current climatic conditions.

Explore Climate Change Impacts and Predictions for the Future

Modern climate change is already changing many aspects of our environment — warmer temperatures, more frequent droughts, rising sea levels — and is expected to impact the planet for centuries. While there is still potential to reduce the extent of climate change through mitigation efforts, since we cannot stop climate change in the near-term, we must plan for climate change impacts today and into the future.

Get Started

This site aims to provide introductory tools about climate change to the conservation community and offer resources to support learning and planning needs. The “Get Started” section offers guidance sorted into four main categories: Learn, Plan, Adapt, and Inspire.