Additional Federal Conservation Initiatives and Resources

Additional Federal Conservation Initiatives and National Resources can provide resource management planning support.

Agency Support for Strategic Conservation

Highlights of federal, state and regional initiatives that provide funding, resources or support to assist land trusts with planning, management and public education projects.

Climate Change Action in Coastal Habitats: Additional Resources and Websites

Resource list highlighting additional resources from federal agency partners addressing conservation in a changing climate.

Climate Change Education Partnership Program – Youth Education Across The Nation

The Climate Change Education Partnership (CCEP) is a strategic campaign planning project funded by the National Science Foundation and conducted in partnership with USNPS, USFWS, and the National Parks Conservation Association. The goal of this partnership was to develop climate change communication tools and resources for interpretive staff at national parks and national wildlife refuges across the country.

Climate Change Resource Center

The United States Forest Service’s (USFS) Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) is a collection of forest management resources. It includes an extensive library, climate change and carbon tools, webinars and short courses by topic area and ecosystem, as well as an introductory webinar for new users.

Climate Education Publications

Efforts to raise awareness about climate change are growing in the conservation community. Early climate change education can help bring the conservationists of tomorrow up to speed about the challenges we are facing today. This page highlights youth education resources that some land trusts are using to communicate about changing conditions.

Climate Smart Habitat Conservation

NOAA’s Climate Smart Habitat Conservation website provides information and links on the benefits of incorporating climate change into coastal habitat conservation efforts.

Coastal Inundation Toolkit

NOAA’s Coastal Inundation Toolkit assists users with planning for inundation. The Toolkit is designed to help communities determine their coastal flooding vulnerability and what steps they can take to reduce this risk and can be a valuable resource for incorporating climate change impacts into conservation planning.

Coastal Resilience

The Nature Conservancy’s Coastal Resilience Network provides geographically targeted resources to address ecological and socio-economic risks of coastal hazards through raising awareness, assessing risk, identifying choices, and taking action.

Ecosystem Services

The conservation community is incorporating the protection and enhancement of ecosystem services into their stewardship missions and projects to meet multiple beneficial management objectives.

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