Adding the Impacts of Climate Change to a Strategic Plan: Big Sur Land Trust

This CAKEx case study details how Big Sur Land Trust is working to anticipate the impacts climate change will have and preparing management strategies to address shifting conditions.

Bald Head Island Conservancy: Catalyzing Small Changes in Climate Change Adaptation

To support climate change adaptation planning the Bald Head Island Conservancy has developed a comprehensive public outreach campaign to help educate community members about potential impacts to the island and individual choices that can help improve the socioecological system’s resilience.

Building Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change Through Local Conservation Efforts: A South Kingstown Land Trust Pilot Project

Building Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change Through Local Conservation Efforts is a report resulting from a two-year pilot project aiming to foster climate change adaptation at the community level.

Building Clean Energy in the Hudson Valley – Communications Product Analysis

Scenic Hudson’s “Building Clean Energy” website highlights some best practices in climate communications.

Building Resilience with Natural Adaptations to Change

Bainbridge Island Land Trust is working with property owners to implement natural adaptation solutions to build more resilient coastal systems. The Powel Shoreline Restoration Project removed shoreline bulkheading to enhance coastal habitats and reduce risks of destructive undercutting, leveraging a failing bulkhead to produce an adaptive win-win solution to adapt to change.

Climate Change and Forest Health: Helping landowners with tough decisions

Landscapes in the intermountain west are becoming increasingly warmer, drier, and fragmented. Additionally, naturally-occurring wildfires are increasingly suppressed, eliminating the health benefits of these events. Such patterns and others have reduced the resilience of forests and given way to insect pest and disease outbreaks. Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT) in Bozeman, Montana, has documented these changing conditions and is supporting landowners in addressing forest threats. GVLT provides information and expertise to private landowners about how to treat and prevent further outbreaks. They also help landowners identify financial resources to support the work of forest management. In a changing climate, proactively addressing these issues helps vegetation communities remain resilient, enhancing the conservation values of private land.

Climate Change Education Partnership Program – Youth Education Across The Nation

The Climate Change Education Partnership (CCEP) is a strategic campaign planning project funded by the National Science Foundation and conducted in partnership with USNPS, USFWS, and the National Parks Conservation Association. The goal of this partnership was to develop climate change communication tools and resources for interpretive staff at national parks and national wildlife refuges across the country.

Digital Coast – Climate Adaptation Case Studies

Digital Coast’s Climate Adaptation Case Studies: Stories from the field, highlights how communities across the U.S. are adapting to climate change.

Ecological Corridors Protect Wildlife Movement and Water Quality in Michigan

Regionally planned ecological corridors are being implemented in Michigan to protect wildlife and water quality.

Forest Adaptation Resources: Climate Change Tools and Approaches for Land Managers

Forest Adaptation Resources: Climate Change Tools and Approaches for Land Managers offers resources to inform adaptation responses for forest land managers.

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