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Conservation in a Changing Climate offers resources to support land trust’s ongoing work to protect the places we love. Climate change presents a host of new management challenges, as well as opportunities for planning interventions that can help communities mitigate and adapt to changing conditions.

Resources in this Library can be searched by term, geographically by region, or according to what “land type” or “climate impact” relates to the content. Content is also organized and searchable by types of posts, including geospatial tools, webinars, websites, publications, as well as funding opportunities and technical assistance programs. Key resources are tagged with the themes of “learn,” “plan,” “adapt,” and “inspire“.  You can use the advanced search bar to match “any” or “all” combinations of terms to limit or expand your results.

If you aren’t sure where to get started, try taking the “self-assessment” or the guidance pages in the “get started” section. If have questions, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.


Case Studies

While unified in their mission to protect the landscapes we love, land trusts across the nation are responding to resource management challenges in various ways. These case studies highlight examples different approaches to achieving strategic conservation planning, building resilience through vulnerability assessments, and adaptation and mitigation projects. Youth education efforts that provide introductory information about climate change that will be necessary for the conservationists of tomorrow are also highlighted. You can also search by region or by using the advanced search option.

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Glossary Terms

Glossary terms of key definitions.

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"Critical Moment" as UN Climate Talks Resume in Marrakech

Leaders of nations overwhelmed by fallouts from wars and ravaged by political divisions are gathering in western Morocco, where they will attempt during the next two weeks to unite around a cooperative new approach to easing the worsening ravages of global warming.

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N.D. adapts to climate change, without saying it's real

The average temperature over the past 130 years has increased faster in North Dakota than in any other state in the contiguous United States, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported in the 2013 National Climate Assessment. There’s a lot of uncertainty climate change, but efforts to adapt and build resilience are underway in the fastest warming state in the Lower 48.

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