Getting Started
This site is intended to offer basic to intermediate-level guidance about climate change and conservation responses to the U.S. conservation community. Not sure where to get started? Read the introduction to getting startedtake a self-assessment, or search key terms.
Building Resilience
Resilience describes the ability of a system to bounce back after change. In the conservation community this term is being used to describe healthy ecosystems, robust economies, and vibrant communities. Learn more.
Youth Education
Connecting people with the natural environment fosters a stewardship ethic that sustains vibrant communities. Incorporating facts about climate change into youth education can help bring the conservationists of tomorrow up to speed about the challenges we are facing today so they too can be part of working towards a solution. Learn more.
Featured Case Study: Downeast Lakes Land Trust
Featured Case Study: In eastern Maine, Downeast Lakes Lake Trust's carbon project covers more than 19,000 acres of the trust’s 33,700 Farm Cove Community Forest. The project has registered nearly 200,000 offsets. Each offset is equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide. Read More »

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About Conservation in a Changing Climate

This website is designed to support on-the-ground conservation efforts of land trusts in the United States. The resources and learning categories are intended to provide basic to intermediate information and to lead to additional resources and tools that can support more advanced levels of understanding about climate change and its implications for the conservation community. Together we can address these management challenges to save the places people love.